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The Bachelor of Social Work degree is for those students who want to make a real difference in the lives of others, there may not be a more impacting degree than a Bachelor of Social Work.

This degree provides students with insight into the unique problems faced by children and adults, and equips them with an understanding of how they can help solve those problems and guide each of their clients to better options, better situations, and a better life overall.

What Does a Social Work Graduate Do ?

Social workers have to help solve various social problems. Most of the time, social workers will have to combine office work with field work, such as homes, schools, hospitals, community centers and various local authorities and organizations of people, as they are committed to the problems of the community.

Social workers often help those with a history of substance abuse, or a tendency to fall into the trap of addiction, by offering them access to support groups and other resources. In some cases, social workers lead support groups and encourage members to proactively and positively take ownership of their addiction.

Some social workers actually help the unemployed by guiding them to new educational opportunities, job centers, or a new understanding of their existing skills. These services are often provided through public agencies and private recruiters.

Adults and children who are victims of abuse often seek the help of social workers, who can help locate public resources and counseling needed to recover.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, social work students may move directly into “direct service” positions. These positions usually require the social worker to take on a workload within a public agency or other organization, meeting regularly with clients and checking on their progress.

Subjects Included in the Social Work Degree Program

Students in a social work degree program can expect to learn about human behavior and life expectancy, social welfare policy, research methods, practices for working with individuals and families, and group practice methods.

They may also be required to complete a practical experience, a form of community service that allows students to gain real-life experience in the field of social work under the direct supervision of a social worker in a community organization.

Some of the Subjects of the Bachelor of Social Work include

  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Human behaviour and life expectancy
  • Cultural diversity and justice
  • Social Work Case Management Practice
  • Social welfare policy
  • Social work research methods
  • Research methods
  • Social Work Practice and Seminar

Some Countries Where You Can Study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • United States
  • Irelan
  • Australia

Some Universities Where You Can Study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

  • University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia
  • University of South Florida, Tampa, USAUniversity of Nicosia, in Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Studies in Different Academic Levels

Studies in Different Academic Levels

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