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When the summer ends, it is time to check that our shoes are good and, if not, look for new shoes to be ready when the new season begins. In this sense, we can see that black boots are the favourite boots of most people and that they have never gone out of fashion. Besides, styles and models rarely change, they just get a little renewed. Therefore, we want to tell you how to combine your black boots, an essential that I’m sure we all have in our shoemaker.

How to Combine Black Short Boots ?

We all know that the black short boots are one of the most demanded and used shoes in seasons like autumn or winter. We just have to go out and see that most people share our taste for this versatile shoe when it comes to creating their summer outfit.

– The greyish and dark tones are the ones that dominate the coldest times of the year. In addition, short boots are ideal for creating any outfit, whether for going out or for work. In this sense, it is not surprising to see outfits featuring lamb-style coats up to the knees, in light grey tones, with a checkered shirt in black and white tones and worn-out black or grey cigarette-style jeans.

– Skirts and dresses with short black boots are also the ideal look. If Americans can do this kind of combination at every time of year, why can’t we ?

How to Combine Long Black Boots ?

With long boots of this color the same thing happens. The Kardashian have made it fashionable and it is not for less. The blue skinny jeans or simply short pants and short skirts are the ideal complement to these boots above the knees. Moreover, in many occasions, we can observe how the boots themselves play the role of pants.

A very successful look with this type of high boots are the shirt dresses. Yes, those big, long shirts that act as dresses and usually come with a belt to give them a little shape. Oversizing is in fashion.

How to Combine Black Boots for Men ?

For men, the military style boots are very successful in creating looks in which black skinny jeans or with the widest leg are the main element, as well as sweaters or shirts in rather dark shades.

How to Combine Black Boots for Women

As we have mentioned before, skirts, cigarettes, dresses and bell-bottoms together with sweaters and sheep coats, among others, are ideal to create and combine this each type of black boot.

Knowing How to Combine Black Boots with Fashion Jeans

For all these reasons, we can see that jeans are the preferred choice to complete the outfits with boots of these colours and sizes. They are the most suitable looks for an event, a day’s work, etc. We cannot hesitate in combining black boots with these jeans. The comfort and versatility when choosing the best outfits will be assured.

Among the best known brands we show the Segarra, Magnum, Adidas. Swat, Altama, Dr. Martens, Jackshibo, Duty Gear, Panter, Esparco, Bellota, Decathlon, Hunter, Crocs, Nike, Puma, Munich, Messi, Caterpillar, Timberland, Carftsman, Amor, Westland, Valverde del Camino, Mustang, Sendra, Salomon, Bestard, Chiruca, Marypaz, Stradivarius, and many others. 

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